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BLM 75!

November was a lazy month for my linkshell VeloceMente, which was good in a way as this gave me time to take up my BLM again.. After 2-3 weeks of hardcore, late night pet soloing, I finally reached 75!! The fun doesn't stop here though, for there's still tons of meritting to do

I must say BLM is so far the most rewarding job I have levelled, even more so than RDM, although BLM does have its limitations i.e. crappy suvivability.. Over the course of the several months I've been to good camps and bad camps, some netted me 2-3 levels a night while some got me negative EXP.

All in all, the job itself is pretty easy to comprehend, although there are a few things that separate good BLMs from bad ones. First and foremost, the good ones deal good damage and know what element to use, they don't cast Blizzard on undeads, for example. Secondly, in times of emergency they time that crucial bind/sleep just between mob attacks, I can't stress how many times I've seen the crappy ones die to puddings due to interrupted (and multiple) binds/sleeps, they are actually funny to watch lol

So this is what my BLM looks like now:
Some other stuff includes 4/5 Yigit, Relaxing earring and ice/thunder obi's. Still got to work on gear some more though, missing dynamis gear and Nashira body

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