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Ix'MNK solo

Duo-ed Ix'MNK for the first time yesterday as BLM on Hades server, although intense somewhat, the fight was extremely simple, barely got touched

So last night I went back to the grand palace to farm some Eo'Aerns as well as a bit of limit points. HQ organ dropped in about 30 minutes. I camped at the room immediately left of zone to Al'Taieu, it contained WHM, BLM, RNG, SAM, DRK aerns which were all pretty easily managable. Most of the other rooms aren't recommended because they contain jobs like SMN PLD THF NIN BST DRG. BLM/NIN seems to be the safest combo for this, especially when the SAM likes to double attack a lot. Capped my ice potency as well on this run

This afternoon I went back to palace as RDM/NIN and brought some decent haste and HP gear along. The ??? popped at west side which is great since the other side has an annoying door... however there are 4 dark ghrahs on the way, so poison pots would be nice.

After buffing up, I popped it using 1 organ and ran like there's no tomorrow to the panel room. Pretty much every ghrah and aern came along, but all deaggro'ed after one lap around the room, Ix'MNK deagg'ed as well so I quickly went back and cast bio on it, clean pull.


Kiting is extremely easy, so easy that you can even call it cheating. Simply cut corners by running on and off ramps, in a figure-8 fashion, usually he won't run on to the ramps unless the distance between you and him is quite close.

Basically keep bio2/3 and poison2 on him and keep refresh on yourself. Note that I had no additional refresh gear and I was perfectly fine, used convert 3 times in the course of the fight. If you feel comfortable with the distance and MP you can also cast blizzards on it to speed up the kill, dispel crystalline cocoon too.

Overall, the fight lasted roughly 45 minutes, Ix'MNK did not take one shadow off me, spent around 3 shihei because they wore off. For the kiting part, it's still fine without crimson legs, however, the pull is rather dangerous and it might be troublesome to rid of all aggro without +movement speed gear. I'm not sure how powder boots/hermes quencher would fare, but you might actually lose hate on Ix'MNK too early using flee speed. Another thing to note is that there is usually a RNG and a BRD in the pop room, RNG have rediculouly long range, and watch out if BRD sings horde lullaby.

In the end, no drop, of course...
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